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Questionnaires and mesurement variables

  • Configure your own questionnaires and choose measurement variables that fit your business.
  • Include different questions; measure shelve space, prices, POP materials, standards, multiple choice, Yes / No, add, count and open questions.
  • Include formulas to reduce the number of questions (e.g. you can measure percentage share of space from shelf space measurements)
  • Assign records to best suited field personnel.

Pictures and files

  • Include up to 30 pictures per record to verify data quality.
  • Share PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, AVI files up to 12 Mb per campaign.

Graphs, reports and tables

  • Configure and save your own graphs and charts.
  • Create filters by sales territory, channel or region to view relevant KPIs that reflect the structure of your organisation.
  • Drill down and search the data that backs a specific graph or table.
  • Export the complete data base to Windows Excel.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Assign percentage weights to different variables and configure your own Balanced Scorecard.
  • Configure your own control panel by selecting the most relevant KPI's.


  • Mobile: your field team can upload information from mobile devices such as; iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Palm and many more.
  • Fixed: You or your team can upload and review information anywhere. You only need access to internet and have installed Internet Exporer 8.0 or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Establish access levels within your team and share with them only needed information.